Math Marvels: A1 Vedic Math Mastery Expedition

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About Course

Dear Students👦 ,Parents👩 & Teachers👱‍♀️ We help students master mathematics in 30 days, starting from basics to advance, strengthening the foundations all the way up to clearing competitive exams.
🏅Learn how to make Super-Fast Calculations Mentally in Less than 30 days by following this Step-by-Step Guide. This course structure has helped over 10,000+ students in the last 2 years🏅
We help your child calculate 8326 x 6145 in less than 10 seconds without the need for longer workings, counting on fingers, or even a calculator 📝💯
*Calculations aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and for those who struggle with them, Vedic Math made it possible to breeze through even the most stringent of them.
*Students are able to retrace the processes and formulas without any problem at all, requiring very little effort on their part; this helps increase both their memorization and their ability to concentrate.
*A child’s intuitive problem-solving skills are much enhanced when he has a firm grasp of the fundamentals, and even the most difficult problems involving cube roots, square roots, cubes, and squares may be tackled with ease once a firm grasp of Vedic Math has been established.
*The most important advantage of learning Vedic Math is that the person may use both sides of the brain for innovation and intuition, improving their ability to solve problems in the most extraordinary manner.
*It has been reported that students who study Vedic Math are more successful in competitive examinations such as the CAT. This is because the use of the sixteen sutras is completely logical and sensible, and it helps save a significant amount of time.
*After Learning Vedic Math You Can Start Your Own Vedic Math Learning Center Or Become Online Vedic Math Coach Like Us
Specifically, you will learn all 4 levels (only at Rs 1999  ( Rs 499 per level )
Basic Level
Advance level
Master level
Grand Master level
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What Will You Learn?

  • Basic Level
  • Advance level
  • Master level
  • Grand Master level
  • Imagine your child, learning Times Tables Up to 99, that can help in fast calculations?
  • Imagine your child, calculating Squares of 5, 25, 345, 1575,... in less than 5 seconds or a few seconds extra?
  • Imagine your child, Multiplying 53267 x 67451 in less than 10 seconds or a few seconds extra?
  • Imagine your child, calculating 364 x 11 mentally without a pen and paper, and within 10 seconds?
  • Imagine your child, incorporating all these fast calculation techniques and many more in School?
  • Imagine You Can Open Your Own Vedic Math Institute & Start Side Educational Business
  • Here is how we start with basic operations:
  • Beginners Guide to Vedic Maths
  • Multiplication In Seconds
  • Division In Seconds
  • Vedic Maths Tricks
  • Fun with Fractions, HFC & LCM
  • Magic Squares, Cubes & Roots
  • Competitive Exams
  • Some Vedic Math Benefits:

Course Content


  • Table Trick
  • Rapid Multiplication
  • Multiplication By 11
  • Multiplication by 11 part-2
  • Duplex Number
  • Amazing Multiplication By Cross Methods
  • Rapid Division By Single Number Divider
  • Multiplication Part-1
  • Multiplication Part-2
  • Multiplication Part-3
  • Multiplication Part-4
  • Multiplication Part-5
  • Multiplication Part-6
  • Multiplication Part-7
  • Multiplication Part-8
  • Multiplication Part-9
  • Multiplication Part-10
  • Multiplication Part-11
  • Multiplication 5,25,125 Part-1
  • Multiplication 5,25,125 Part-2
  • Multiplication 5,25,125 Part-3
  • Multiplication 5,25,125 Part-4
  • Division Using Power Of 5,25 & 125